7 unexpected reasons why you may not be allowed on the plane, and tips on how to act

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Why you might not get on the flight

You can pay for your ticket, check in in advance, pass all the checks and sit in your seat on the plane... But this does not guarantee that you will fly with other passengers. In the selection by OBOZREVATEL, see why you may not be allowed on the flight.

1. Overbooking is one of the most common reasons for denial of boarding. It is no secret that some airlines sell more tickets than seats on the plane. This helps carriers avoid empty seats. However, if all passengers make it through check-in, some will have to be turned away. Exactly who will be unlucky is up to the employees to decide, relying on their feelings and knowledge.

2. Inappropriate clothing is another reason why you may be asked to get off the plane. First of all, you should not wear too revealing skirts and shorts. In 2011, a Jetblue passenger wearing a long shirt and short shorts was not allowed on the flight. The airline employees were under the impression that the woman came in sleeping clothes.

Problems can also arise from inappropriate inscriptions and symbols that insult or humiliate other people. This also applies to pictures of political figures or caricatures of them on T-shirts and sweatshirts.

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3. It is not recommended to take your shoes off on the plane, either. If you just came barefoot - you will not be allowed on the flight. First of all you must be wearing shoes, so that in case of emergency you can move quickly. The second reason is more prosaic. Other passengers may complain about the unpleasant smell, and then you will definitely have to leave the flight.

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4. It's not just foot odor that can cause flight attendants to remove a person from an airplane. Any unpleasant odors emanating from the passenger or their belongings are cause for refusal to fly. Therefore, it is not recommended to take any food with a pungent scent and to use perfume.

5. Most airlines allow the consumption of alcohol on board. But everything must be in moderation. If you come to check in heavily intoxicated, you will not be allowed on the plane. There was a case in Scotland when a heavily intoxicated woman attacked a flight attendant and stabbed her several times with her prosthesis.

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6. It seems perfectly normal to leave a review if you don't like something. But be prepared that this airline will blacklist you and you won't be able to use its services anymore. In 2014, Duff Watson wrote a negative comment online about an airport employee. So they wouldn't let him on the plane until he deleted everything.

7. Lack of holiday cheer is another unexpected reason why you may be denied boarding. It seems like complete nonsense. But there was a similar incident at New York's LuGuardia Airport. A flight attendant congratulated a passenger on Christmas, to which he replied in a rather rude manner that he didn't recognize the New Year's holidays. This small conflict turned into a real fight. Then the company employees escorted the man off the plane.

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