5 sweater models that are completely out of fashion: how to replace them. Photo.

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These sweater models are worn by all the stars

In winter, you want to feel not only comfortable and warm, but also fashionable. A sweater is a favourite wardrobe item that can also create a stylish look. However, you need to remember that some models will not surprise anyone. Nowadays, products with a narrow knit, standing collar and navy stripes are at the peak of popularity.

OBOZREVATEL has put together some tips on how to replace your favourite sweaters that have long been at the bottom of the fashion list.

Do not wear: a product with a large knit

Alternative: if you really liked the sweaters that were popularised by the 2000s films about ski resorts, we advise you to pay attention to similar ones, but with a narrower knit. A cropped version is the best replacement for a familiar item.


Do not wear: the product is elasticated

Alternative: if your favourite style is sporty, take a closer look at sweaters with a polo collar and navy stripes. This item will be perfectly combined with warm leggings and sneakers to match a sports down jacket, both short and long.


Do not wear: a product with a large pattern

Alternative: instead of a sweater with an ornament, buy a brightly coloured item that will cheer you up. Forget about fitted and tight models. It's time to get used to looser styles.


Do not wear: a product with too thin a knit

Alternative: thicker versions always look more aesthetically pleasing and presentable than those that emphasise all the imperfections of the figure and body irregularities. In addition, such sweaters are more multifunctional.


Do not wear: product with a collar with a collar band

Alternatively, look for a piece with a rigid stand-up collar. This is an ideal option for winter, as you can forget about a scarf, because you won't be afraid of the wind.


Earlier OBOZREVATEL told that leggings-flared will be the main trend in 2023. This pant trend visually lengthens legs and makes them thinner.

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