5 best hairstyles to "shed" excess age: give the effect of a face lift. Photo.

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Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez showed by their own example how to do styling

A woman's appearance is influenced not only by her make-up and clothes, but also by her hairstyle. It can add a few years or make you look younger and fresher. Hair colour should also be taken into account, as it can accentuate wrinkles or imperfect complexions.

OBOZREVATEL has made a selection of hairstyles that will rejuvenate their owners. A competent haircut and styling works wonders.

1. Graduated haircut with curtain bangs

If you have long hair and don't want to cut it, pay attention to this hairstyle. Graduated haircuts will visually slim you down and add lightness to your look. They will elongate the face and hide problem areas.


2. Classic bob

The bob is a great option for any age. To get the best effect, give your hairstyle a slight sloppiness or asymmetry. This haircut doesn't require any special styling, so you'll always look your best.


3. Pixie with several layers

The pixie cut, which is always shortened at the back and has longer bangs, gives an instant eye lift. It looks a little flirty and attracts the eyes of others. If you have time, take care of the volume at the roots and go conquer the world.


4. Asymmetrical hairstyles

Asymmetry is the best friend of a woman over 40 with a slim face. Such haircuts will correct its shape, excessive roundness, thanks to the falling strands.


5. Careless light curls

This style looks as feminine and relaxed as possible. Soft curls are suitable for all face types and are undemanding to hair thickness and texture. Just remember, small curls will make you look older.


We'd like to remind you that OBOZREVATEL recently reported on make-up mistakes that can completely ruin your look. To look well-groomed, don't apply too much cosmetic product, choose the right colour of foundation and lip pencil to match your lipstick.

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