Why put onions in the freezer before cooking: a quick trick

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How to store onions properly. Source: Pexels

For many housewives, slicing onions causes considerable discomfort. But this can be avoided if you know one simple life hack. And the freezer will help you with this.

FoodOboz will tell you why you should put onions in the freezer before cooking .

How to cut onions without tears

Rumor has it that this life hack began to be practiced in Soviet times. It was especially useful when you needed to chop large quantities of onions. By putting it in the freezer for a while, you can avoid tears when slicing the vegetable.

How to freeze onions so they don't lose their flavor

So, if you plan to use fresh onions in a dish, you should put them in the freezer before cooking. It is recommended that the vegetable stay there for at least 15 minutes.

How to store onions properly

However, it's important not to overdo it so that they don't start to freeze. Ideally, the vegetable should cool down well. This way, the onions won't lose their flavor and you won't cry while cooking them.

How to freeze onions properly

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