Why it is forbidden to wash raw meat: an unexpected answer

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Is it possible to wash raw meat. Source: pixabay.com

It would seem obvious that raw meat should be washed before cooking or after purchase. This is what the vast majority of housewives do. But we need to find out if this is correct.

Nutritionist Olha Dorosh (olhadorosh_) on her Instagram page told us whether to wash meat, how to handle and store it properly .

Rules for working and storing meat

The fact is that raw meat can contain harmful bacteria, including salmonella. This means that anything that touches the product can become infected with these pests. The same goes for washing, especially if you wash meat under the tap. After all, splashing water can transfer pathogens to the sink, as well as get on the work surface, clean dishes, and other products.

Is it possible to wash raw meat

Therefore, washing packaged raw meat is not an effective way to fight bacteria and can increase the likelihood of food poisoning. However, cooking meat at high temperatures is enough to kill all bacteria.

But remember that any surfaces that have come into contact with raw meat may contain bacteria, so they should be washed with hot water and soap, rinsed, and then air-dried with a paper towel.

Cooking meat at high temperatures can kill all bacteria

Do I need to wash the meat before freezing it?

No, you don't. This can increase the risk of cross-contamination just as it does before cooking. When the meat is thawed again, cooking it will still kill all bacteria.

Rules of operation and storage

1. Take purchased raw meat, poultry, and fish home from the store in separate bags from vegetables, bread, and other foods.

Is it possible to wash meat before freezing

2. Store the same raw foods in separate containers.

3. Use different cutting boards for raw and cooked foods.

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