Why homemade pork stew is bitter: 4 main reasons

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Pork stew is a delicious meat dish for all occasions. It can be made from pork or chicken and eaten with cereals, pasta, or just bread. It often happens that the finished dish starts to taste bitter, especially pork stew, and there are several reasons for this.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information for you and will tell you why cooked pork stew is bitter and how to avoid it.

Why stew is bitter

Why does homemade pork stew taste bitter?

Improper preparation of raw materials

One of the most important steps in making homemade stew is preparing the raw materials. This means that the meat of wild animals must be soaked in vinegar or saline for a long time in advance – this is if you bought pork at the market and are not entirely sure of its quality. Soaking removes excessive bitterness and bile residues on the surface of the meat.

How to cook stew properly

Incorrect division of the carcass

Before cooking, meat is usually divided into smaller pieces. Do this carefully so as not to damage the gallbladder, otherwise, bile will get on the meat fibers and the finished stew will be bitter.

A large number of spices

Adding as many spices as possible to a stew is not a good idea. This is especially true of bay leaf, which gives the dish a noticeable bitterness.

What spices will spoil the stew

Incorrect cooking mode

This applies to all cooking methods: oven, slow cooker, and autoclave. During the process, it is important not to turn on the high temperature so that the meat does not start to burn. After all, this makes the stew bitter. It is necessary that the meat does not boil, but languishes for a long time.

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