When to salt mashed potatoes while cooking so as not to spoil them: We explain

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How to salt mashed potatoes properly

It would seem that any housewife knows how to make mashed potatoes. But even such a simple dish can easily be spoiled by adding some ingredients in the wrong way. Even the moment when you salt the dish affects the taste.

The editors of FoodOboz collected information and will tell you when to salt mashed potatoes to make it tasty.

How and when to properly salt mashed potatoes


As recommended by experienced housewives, mashed potatoes should be boiled in water, which is salted at the moment of boiling or 5-10 minutes after. However, watch the amount of salt, because it is easy to over-salt the dish, which in the end will be impossible to correct.

How not to ruin mashed potatoes


As mentioned earlier, there are ingredients that you need to know how to properly add to mashed potatoes. This applies to milk and butter. The fact is that you can not use them only from the fridge, they must be warm, and even better - hot. So, wait until they become room temperature, or warm them up. Otherwise - this misconception will lead to mashed potatoes instantly becoming gray and stiff.

The secrets of making mashed potatoes

In addition, it is very important not to resort to the use of food processors, such as the blender. This is because it overly whips up the potato mixture, making the consistency starchy, sticky, and sticky.

Previously OBOZREVATEL reported that you can add to mashed potatoes, except milk and butter.

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