Top 5 foods you shouldn't eat before going to bed

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What not to eat before going to bed. Source: krivbass.city.

Good sleep is the key to good health. Experts recommend sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night. Due to irregular schedules, lifestyles, and even diet, many people do not always manage to sleep exactly that much.

It is known that the quality of sleep is affected even by certain foods that we unconsciously eat at night. The editors of FoodOboz will tell you about the top 5 of these. This is reported by the Times of India.

What foods you shouldn't eat before bedtime

1 - Caffeine

Food and drinks containing caffeine should never be consumed before bedtime. Such an ingredient is also found in ice cream and in some desserts. The fact is that caffeine increases the level of the hormone adrenaline, which makes you work and do something, and not vice versa sleep. It causes insomnia.

Caffeine should not be consumed at night

2 - Acidic foods

We are talking about sour fruit juice, tomato sauces, and foods with this component. Such foods are best avoided before going to bed.

It's best to refrain from carbonated and sour drinks before bedtime

3 - Heavy food

As a rule, it is not good for the body to eat at night. This is especially true for fast food, a variety of snacks, sweets, meat, etc. Heavy food can disrupt the digestive system, in addition, it takes a long time to digest. So you risk getting abdominal pain and cramps instead of a good night's sleep.

You shouldn't eat heavy foods before bed because they cause digestive problems

4 - Foods that contain a lot of water

We are talking about fruits, such as watermelon, melon and cucumbers. It also applies even to plain water. The consumption of such products accelerates urination, through which you will not be able to sleep. And in the morning you can get noticeable swelling in addition.

Alcoholic Beverages

5 - Alcohol

In this case, everything is clear. Despite the fact that alcohol itself is harmful, drinking it before going to bed provokes frequent urination, disturbs digestion, and can cause acid reflux problems. Alcohol disrupts the sleep cycle.

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