Top 3 worst snacks that won't do you any good

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According to experts, 3 meals a day are enough for a person. However, if you do decide to have a snack, you should pay attention to healthier options. Eating everything in a row is not good.

One of the nutrition blogs (fizra_hub) on Instagram told us what kind of people need a snack and what foods are not allowed to be used as such.

What not to eat for a snack

Who should have a snack?

This list includes:

  • professional athletes;
  • those who are physically active;
  • pregnant women and those who are breastfeeding;
  • those on an individual diet due to various illnesses.
Fruits, berries and nuts

What kind of snacks should I have?

According to experts, snacks should contain fats and complex carbohydrates. Foods that can cause a sharp rise in insulin levels are not suitable.

What you can eat for a snack:

  • nuts (no more than 30 g);
  • dried fruits (no more than 50 g);
  • some fruits (kiwi, green apples, grapefruit, mango, etc. with low GI);
  • vegetable salads/vegetables;
  • breads;
  • white yogurt;
  • hummus.
What foods can be eaten for a snack

What is absolutely not suitable for a snack?


Sweets disrupt the functioning of hormones such as insulin, cortisol, dopamine, and serotonin. The increase in these hormones is accompanied by fatigue, irritability, and even greater appetite.

Fast food/semi-finished products

These foods contain a lot of salt and trans fats.

What is not allowed to eat for a snack


This fruit contains a lot of sugar. After eating it, you will get a sharp rise in blood sugar and will soon be hungry again.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told you what to make from cauliflower for a snack.

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