Tokan Zakarpattya: how to cook a traditional dish of corn grits

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Tokan Zakarpattya: how to cook a traditional dish of corn grits

In addition to banosh and mamalyga, a traditional Transcarpathian dish is tokan, which used to be especially popular among sheep farmers. Tokan is made of corn grits boiled in water or milk and served with cracklings and bryndza.

On his Instagram page, food blogger Oleg Repetski(repetski_) shared a recipe for Transcarpathian tokan with cracklings, bryndza, and greens.

Recipe for Transcarpathian tokan with cracklings and bryndza

Ingredients for one serving:

  • milk - 375 ml (can be replaced with water)
  • corn porridge - 125 gr solsalo or pilchards bryndza herbs

Important: take milk and porridge in a ratio of 3:1.

Method of cooking:

1. Pour the milk into a pot or sauté pot and put it on the stove. Heat it, but do not bring it to the boil.

How and what to make tokan

2. Pour the porridge and a pinch of salt into the warm milk. Cook on low heat, stirring constantly, 12-15 minutes, until the porridge becomes thick. Remove the cooked porridge from the heat.

3. To serve, dice bacon or bacon and fry until golden.

Also for serving, cut bryndza and chop greens.

Corn grits tocan

5. Pour the porridge into a bowl, and place the greens, cracklings, and bryndza on top. Done!

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