These mistakes in cooking kebab will spoil the meat

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The secrets of kebab cooking
The secrets of kebab cooking. Source: Pixabay

Kebab is a dish that everyone knows how to cook. The most important thing is to choose the quality meat, which determines the flavor of the dish. It is also very important to make a successful marinade, which will make the meat juicy and soft.

Fillet kebab

FoodOboz editors share the advice of culinary experts on how to prepare a successful kebab and what are the most common mistakes.

How to cook kebab properly

According to culinary experts, it is very important to marinate kebab in the right dishes. It is better to avoid aluminum dishes, as well as containers made of cast iron of low quality. They give the meat an unpleasant metallic flavor.

How to cook a juicy kebab

It is best to cook kebab in Teflon or enameled dishes, as they will not give the meat a bad taste or smell.

What to marinate the kebab in

An important point is also the preparation of marinade. It is best to make it without vinegar, or mayonnaiseor. Use onions, spices, mineral water and red wine.

Homemade kebab

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