The most unhealthy cereals that are better not to eat are named: top 3

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What kind of porridge is better to never eat. Source: Pixabay

It often happens that when people buy cereals in a store, they pay attention to the packaging rather than the composition. Among such purchases, we can distinguish cereals that are not only unhealthy but even harmful.

A popular pediatrician, Yevhen Komarovskyi, spoke about the three most harmful cereals that both adults and children should not eat on his YouTube channel (Dr. Komarovsky).

Which porridge is the most harmful


We are talking here about instant oatmeal sold in bags. The doctor notes that if you want to get at least some benefit from such cereal, it is best to buy it in the form of flakes that need to be cooked.

Why oatmeal is harmful


The fact is that semolina is an easily digestible carbohydrate that does not provide any benefit to the body. Dr. Komarovskyi says that the most useful things in cereals are always in the shell, which semolina does not have.

Why semolina is harmful

White rice

The doctor calls this cereal "useless" because it does not bring any benefit to the body.

Why rice is harmful

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