Tastier than fries: How to bake crispy carrots in the oven

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How to cook carrots deliciously in the oven. Source: kitchensanctuary.com

One of the most popular fast foods is French fries. But such a dish is cooked in a lot of vegetable oil. So if you are watching your diet and want to eat healthy and tasty food - bake carrots. In the process of cooking it does not lose nutrients and turns out very crispy.

The idea of making crunchy carrots in the oven is published on the page of food blogger Kristina with the nickname kris_estet in Instagram.



  • carrots
  • spices (vegetable seasoning, dried tomato and basil and garlic, salt)
  • oil

For breading:

  • flour
  • 2-3 eggs
  • breadcrumbs

Ingredients for the sauce:

  • greek yogurt
  • french mustard
  • dried garlic
  • salt

Method of preparation:


1. Peel the carrots and cut them into slices.

2. Add all the spices, vegetable oil and mix.



3. Prepare 3 plates: in the first one pour the flour, in the second - beat the egg and mix well, in the third - breadcrumbs.


5. Dip each piece of carrot in flour, then in egg, breadcrumbs.

6. Place on a baking tray lined with parchment.



8. For the sauce combine all these components.

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