Soft patties that don't get stale for a long time: what to add to the dough

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What to add to the dough for fluffy pies. Source: depositphotos.com

Soft, fluffy, and not stale for a long time – these are the ideal homemade patties. And it's no secret that this result depends on properly prepared dough.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you what you can add to the dough for successful patties.

What to add to the dough to make the pies soft and fluffy

Potato/corn starch

As for the latter, it makes the products more airy and soft. However, it is not recommended to add starch in its pure form; it is better to dilute it with water. If you don't like this option, add starch to the dough along with flour. Approximate proportions: 4 cups of flour/1 tbsp of starch.

How to make a successful pie dough


Potatoes are an alternative to starch. But it is not suitable in its raw form. First, boil the root vegetable and then whip it in a blender. The mass should be homogeneous and without lumps. Approximate proportions: 0.5 kg of flour\2-3 potatoes. The starch contained in the vegetable will make the dough fluffy and light, and the pies will not become stale the next day.

What to add to the dough for pies

Potato broth

In this case, it's simple: you need to make a dough with potato broth.

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