Is it allowed to eat yeast bread: an expert dispels the main myth

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What kind of bread should not be eaten. Source: Pixabey

Many people are convinced that to lose weight and be slim, they should give up yeast bread. The reason is that it is very high in calories. Therefore, it is being replaced by many expensive alternatives. Still, it's important to understand what kind of bread is called yeast bread and what effect it has on the body.

This was told by the famous trainer Viktor Mandziak (viktor_mandziak) on his Instagram page.

Yeast white bread

According to the expert, both yeast and sourdough bread have the same harmful effects on the figure if it is baked from "white flour", added sugar, and trans fats such as margarine.

Is there yeast in baked bread?

Actually, they are not. Baker's yeast, or its fungi, die at a temperature of 50 degrees. Of course, bread is baked at a much higher temperature.

How bread is made

Therefore, the phrase "grow like yeast" is true only for bread, and only in an oven up to 50 degrees.

There is no point in believing the phrase "yeast-free bread" or "sourdough bread" if such bread is sweetened, baked with trans fats, and made from white flour.

"Yeasted bread or sourdough bread has no meaning either for health or for the figure," writes Viktor Mandziak.

Dough for homemade bread

What kind of bread can you eat

The best bread is the one made from whole wheat flour. It should be free of sugar and unhealthy fats. Of course, this does not mean that you should eat a loaf at a time. Everything should be in moderation.

Bread made from whole wheat flour is the healthiest

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