How you can use orange peel in an unusual way: unexpected ideas

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How to use orange peel in interesting ways

Winter is considered the season of citrus fruits. Oranges are especially popular. But it's not just the juicy part that's healthy, it's also the peel. You just need to prepare it properly.

In an exclusive commentary for OBOZREVATEL , Victoria Stelmakh, founder of the largest Ukrainian-language Facebook group on feeding, an expert on baby food, told us how to use orange peel in interesting ways.

The peel of an orange can be removed with a vegetable peeler, leaving as much of the bitter white center as possible. You can cook with this product:

  • candied orange
  • orange vinegar
  • spicy orange oil

You can also make a savory spice for dishes by mixing dry zest with salt. You will get a pleasant citrus note and fresh flavor.

It is worth placing the leftover orange peel in a package with sugar so that it does not harden. The natural oils in the peel help to extract moisture from the sugar to prevent it from hardening.

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