How to refrigerate food to keep it healthy: tips and tricks

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How to refrigerate your food
How to refrigerate your food. Source: pexels.com


The usefulness of food depends not only on what it is made of, but also on what utensils it is cooked in and how it is stored. Another important consideration is exactly how the food is refrigerated after cooking.

How to refrigerate food to make it healthy

FoodOboz editors share helpful tips on how to properly refrigerate food after cooking so that it does not lose its useful properties and is tasty.

1. What temperature to cool food to

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Experts say that cooked food should be cooled to 21 C for 5 hours and then to 5 C for 4 hours. It is worth noting that rapid cooling prevents the growth of bacteria.

2. How to cool food quickly

How to properly store cooked food

To make the food cool faster, you just need to stir it often. You can also just divide the cooked food into 2 even pieces, transfer them to containers, this will allow the heat to escape faster and the food to cool faster.

3. How to properly store chilled foods

Chilled food should be placed in a suitable container in the refrigerator or freezer. 


Chilled Rice

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