How to peel kiwi correctly and easily: a simple life hack

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Why kiwi is good for you
How to easily peel a kiwi in seconds

The traditional way to peel a kiwi is similar to peeling a potato – you cut off all the excess with a knife in a circle. But this way, the fruit releases a lot of liquid, slips out of your hands, and becomes smaller in volume. Fortunately, there is a much simpler technology.

The American online publication INSIDER has told us how easy it is to peel a kiwi without any extra effort.

Can you eat kiwi peel?

You can eat kiwi peel. The fuzzy texture of the peel may confuse some people, but it is a higher source of vitamin C and fiber than the green flesh of the fruit.

How a kiwi grows

How to easily peel a kiwi:

You will need a small spoon and knife for this method.

1. Rinse the fruit well from excess dirt.

2. Put the kiwi on a plate and cut off the ends.

3. Place a spoon near the edge of the skin and gently push it in a circular motion to dislodge the inner flesh. The spoon should be as thin as possible.

4. When the circle is cut, gently pull out the flesh.

Fast kiwi peeling technology

How to cut and store kiwi

You can cut kiwi into slices, cubes, or wedges. The knife should be sharp so that the slices are even. Sliced kiwi can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to two days. When excessive mucus begins to be released from the fruit, it is no longer safe to eat.

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