How to grow watercress on the windowsill in 5 days: the easiest way

Tetiana KoziukFood
How to grow watercress. Source: Pexels

Watercress is a completely unpretentious plant. So, you can grow such greens even on your windowsill in just 5 days. One of the advantages is that watercress is year-round and can be grown in any season.

How to grow watercress at home in 5 days is described in the Happy_Mary blog on Youtube.

You will need:

  • cotton pads
  • lettuce seeds
  • cold water

Growing technology:

1. Pre-soak cotton pads in cold water.

2. Pour the seeds on the surface.

3. Dip each disk in the seeds so that they are evenly distributed.

4. Leave in this position on the windowsill for 5 days.

5. After that, cut the stems of the plant and use it in salads or on sandwiches.

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