How to cook pasta so that it doesn't stick together and whether it can be rinsed: we explain

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How to cook pasta correctly. Source: Pixabay

Pasta is a dish that can be cooked deliciously and on a budget with minced meat, tuna, meat, stew, cheese, or fillet. It turns out that not everyone knows how to cook this product properly, and as a result, the pasta is boiled and becomes very soft.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you how to cook pasta correctly so that it doesn't stick together, and whether you should rinse it after cooking .

How to cook pasta correctly

Rule 1.

The most important rule is not to throw pasta into cold water, but only into boiling water. Otherwise, the pasta will immediately stick together and there will be no point in continuing to cook the dish.

What water to throw pasta in

Rule 2.

The water in which you cook pasta should be twice as much as the pasta itself, so that the pasta feels free. And to prevent them from sticking together during the cooking process, you can add a few teaspoons of oil to the water.

Should I put oil in the water in which pasta is cooked?

Rule 3.

It is important to stir the pasta frequently during cooking. This way, the starch contained in the product will gradually come out. It is worth noting that this substance contributes to sticking.

How to cook pasta

Rule 4.

Another way to prevent pasta from sticking together during cooking is to not cover the pan with a lid.

What to add to prevent pasta from boiling over

Rule 5.

Serve cooked pasta with butter to prevent it from sticking together on the plate. But it is very important to add room temperature butter, not solid butter.

Is it possible to rinse pasta

Is it worth rinsing pasta?

Most housewives say that this is not necessary. That's because they used to make pasta of poor quality. That's why they had to be washed to remove the excess starch. All you can do after cooking is to put the pasta in a colander and let it "dry" for about 5 minutes.

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