How to choose safe, quality and tasty bread: 3 main rules

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Kyiv residents stood in line to buy a delicious loaf of bread
Kyiv residents stood in line to buy a delicious loaf of bread. Source: shutterstock.com

Bread is one of the most popular products that almost every Ukrainian eats. You can make bread at home to be sure of its safety. But if you do buy it in the store, you need to know a few simple rules that will help you choose safe and tasty bread.

Homemade bread

Nutritionist Tetiana Lakusta shared her tips on how to choose high-quality, budget-friendly and safe bread on Instagram.

Nutritionist's advice


Flour for the dish

The expert recommends paying attention to the grinding of flour, which is in the first place in the composition.

The coarsest types of grinding (those that are ground from whole grains without cleaning the flour from the grain hull) are the most nutritious in terms of minerals and vitamins. Next are the second, first, and highest grinding as they contain more starch and less fiber and minerals," the nutritionist said.

Store-bought bread


The expert advises paying attention to the amount of sugar in the product.

How to choose bread properly

"Glucose-fruit syrups, apple sauce, malt, and sourdough can be added to bread to improve its flavor. You can see the amount of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates, as well as sugars. There can be 1 or more of them (sweet bread - 13 g)," Tetiana said.

The expert noted that one of the best types of bread is the one with the smallest list of ingredients, for example, round Ukrainian bread!

Bread with seeds

The nutritionist added that there is no point in choosing bread only by its dark color or by the name "grain, whole grain" because the most important thing is the type of flour that is in the first place in the composition and the absence of added sugars!

Simple homemade bread in the oven

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