How to check tea for quality and natural origin: the easiest way

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Tea is a drink that people can consume many times a day. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to some nuances of checking the quality and natural origin of tea. In some cases, it can be very harmful and even dangerous.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information and will tell you how to check the quality of tea at home and what to look for.

The true aroma and color of tea

What should be the appearance of tea?

When buying loose-leaf tea, you should pay attention to the appearance, namely the leaves. They should be uniform, smooth, and well-twisted. The last point indicates that the fermentation was of high quality.

In addition, the color is important. It should be strictly black or green. Leaves with a gray tint, which appeared due to strong friction, are not suitable.

How to brew tea correctly

What should be the flavor of tea?

It's worth noting that each type of tea has its own characteristic flavor. However, the leaves should not give off burning, metal, musty, or moldy odors. Foreign odors indicate that the tea was stored improperly.

How to check tea at home?

How to check the natural origin and quality of tea

The best way to check the quality of tea is to brew it with cold water. That is, you need to pour cold liquid over a small amount of leaves. Natural tea will not brew in this way even after a few hours, while a fake one will immediately acquire a rich color.

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