How to boil milk porridge perfectly: a cheat sheet for all occasions

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Simple proportions to help you cook any porridge

rgorging any porridge to taste really good is not an easy task, because it can turn out to be too liquid or thick, bland. Even this elementary dish requires special technology. Therefore, we need to understand the specifics of boiling the cereals we use most often.

Tips to help you cook delicious rice, buckwheat, semolina, and hercules porridge are published on the salaty_zakusky Instagram page.

How to cook any porridge deliciously

Rice milk porridge

It was especially delicious in kindergarten.

Sugar and salt were added to boiling milk, and rice was poured in. It was brought to a boil (if the volume was small, it was boiled for a minute or so) and immediately removed from the stove. Then they added oil and covered it with a lid.

In 20-30 minutes, the rice would swell by itself.

Delicious and thick milk rice porridge

What is the secret to making delicious milk rice porridge

1. Do not cook it immediately until it is ready.

2. Take more milk per proportion.

3. After boiling, cook the groats in the milk for 1-2 minutes, stirring occasionally. Then remove the pan and put it in a warm place.

4. After a while, the groats will swell and you will get a delicious thick porridge.

Buckwheat porridge

How to boil buckwheat properly to make it crumbly

You should cover it with water in the evening and bring it to a boil in the morning. Then the groats will be crumbly.


A variety of cereals, each with a special cooking technology

For a good consistency and bright flavor, use 7-8 tablespoons of cereal per liter of milk. Then immediately pour into a ceramic bowl. Cover with a lid or cling film and leave overnight. Then, if necessary, you can heat it in the microwave.


Cooking delicious semolina porridge

For a liter of milk, add 4 tablespoons of cereal. This porridge just needs to boil for a few minutes, remove from the stove and leave for another 20 minutes.

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