How harmful sugar really is: doctor's explanation

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Why you shouldn't eat too much sugar. Source: visitcompletecare.com

Many people cannot even imagine their day without a sweet candy or chocolate bar. But it is worth remembering that sugar is found not only in sweets. Besides, too frequent consumption of this product has very negative consequences.

Dr. Natalia Prysiazhniuk (natalya_prysyazhnyuk) shared the dangers of sugar on Instagram. The product can cause serious harm to the body.

Why sugar is harmful

What is the harm of sugar:

1. The body uses a lot of trace elements - chromium, magnesium, calcium - to assimilate sugar.

2. It disrupts calcium-phosphate metabolism. As a result, you have osteochondrosis and tooth decay.

Sugar is very harmful

3. Sugar, simple carbohydrates, and fructose deplete the adrenal glands, especially as snacks or if eaten before meals.

Sweets with too much sugar

4. Sugar is food for pathogenic microorganisms and fungi, which means it supports the inflammatory process in the body and reduces immunity.

5. Fructose in excess, like glucose, destroys proteins. This leads to glycation, making the skin lose turgor, damaging blood vessels and therefore the functioning of organs. Atherosclerotic plaques form in places where vessels are damaged over time. As a result, stroke and heart attack occur.

You shouldn't eat a lot of sugar

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