Healthy homemade ice cream in 10 minutes: what to use to make a summer dessert

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Recipe for homemade ice cream. Source: pixabay.com

Ice cream is the best summer treat that can be made from milk, cream and healthy berries. To make the ice cream have a smooth texture, add condensed milk and cream to the base.

Homemade berry ice cream

Cook Anna shared a recipe for delicious, homemade ice cream made from berries and condensed milk on Instagram.

Ice cream recipe


  • frozen berries - 200 g
  • cream 30% - 100 ml
  • condensed milk - 30 g
  • collagen - 1/2 pc.

Method of preparation:

1. Transfer frozen berries to a blender bowl.

Berries for ice cream

2. Add the cold cream and condensed milk and beat for 1 minute at maximum speed until the berries are chopped.

Making ice cream

3. Transfer to a suitable container and refrigerate.

Ready-made berry ice cream

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