Five types of fish have been named that are better not to eat: they accumulate hazardous substances and may be "poisonous"

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What kind of fish is better not to eat. Source: pixabay.com

As a rule, fish is a very healthy product that experts recommend eating at least 1-2 times a week. Not everyone knows, but there are some types of fish that are better not to eat - they can be poisonous.

The FoodOboz editorial team will tell you about the top 5 types of fish that are best avoided and not eaten.

Which fish is better not to eat


Pangasius is a freshwater fish found in a polluted river. In addition, it is "stuffed" with antibiotics and hormones for better growth. Pangasius meat itself has minimal nutritional value.

Pangasius fillet

Farmed salmon

Experts used to consider it one of the best types of fish, but today they are not so sure. Farmed salmon contains dioxins and pesticides, sometimes even antibiotics. While wild salmon eats fish, farmed salmon eats fodder, which is not healthy.

Salmon fillet


The situation here is similar to that of pangasius. It is bred in terrible conditions and has the highest content of lead, mercury, and cadmium.

Tilapia fish


It is usually consumed in canned form. This option is still good. But it is in its raw form that the fish contains toxins and heavy metals. It can cause serious allergic reactions.



Despite the fact that this fish can be cooked in various ways, it is not healthy. After all, it has a high concentration of dioxins.

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