Dishes will be bitter: the spice that should not be added to soup and borscht is named

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Transparent vegetable soup. Source: depositphotos.com

It would seem that such first courses as soup and borscht are difficult to spoil and every housewife knows how to cook them. However, sometimes the problem can be hidden in ordinary spices, and some of them only spoil the taste of the finished dishes.

The FoodOboz editorial team has gathered information for you and will tell you which spices should never be added to first courses.

What spices should not be added to soup

According to experienced chefs, bay leaves are the most dangerous of all spices, as they can spoil the taste of dishes due to their specific flavor.

At the same time, no one says that you can't cook soup or borscht without bay leaves. However, you should be careful with it. First of all, you should use the spice in the form of leaves, not powder. This way, you won't overdo the desired flavor.

Why bay leaves can spoil soup and borscht

It is also very important to take out the bay leaves 10-15 minutes after you add them to the dish. Otherwise, the spice will begin to give off its characteristic bitterness.

However, when it comes to chicken broth, it is better to do without the spice during the cooking process. After all, it can muffle the natural flavor and aroma of tender chicken meat.

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