Butter or vegetable oil: which is better to use in baking and why

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In addition to eggs, vegetable oil or butter are important ingredients in many baking recipes. These ingredients are often substituted for each other, but depending on the type of baking, this is not always correct.

One of the culinary blogs (lvivski.recipes) on Instagram explained what is better to use in baking and why: vegetable oil or butter .

When to use vegetable oil in baking and when to use butter

It is reported that adding vegetable oil to baked goods will give the product a more versatile flavor and pleasant moisture. The only thing is that the cake with the addition of this ingredient does not rise as much, it is not as fluffy, but it is quite moist.

Difference in the use of butter and vegetable oil in baking

But many recipes call for butter because it creates a special structure. During the whipping process, many tiny air pockets are created, which, together with the yeast, create a fluffy but stable texture. Baked goods with the addition of butter are very soft and airy, but less juicy at the same time.

Depending on the type, vegetable oil and butter can be used in baking

To summarize, if a recipe calls for melted butter, it's perfectly safe to use vegetable oil instead. On the other hand, it is not a great substitute in recipes that call for room temperature butter.

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