Budget pancakes without eggs and milk: what to add to the dough to make them rise and be fluffy

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Recipe for pancakes

Delicious, fluffy and fragrant pancakes are a great dish not only for breakfast, but also for dessert or even a snack. For a bright taste they can be supplemented with fruit - apples with cinnamon or banana. The most important thing is to prepare a successful dough.

One of the cooking blogs(zhuravlina_cooking) on Instagram posted a recipe for puffy pancakes on kefir. To make them grow well in the frying process and be puffy, it is recommended to mix the kefir with baking soda before making the dough. For the best effect, you can leave the mass for a few minutes to increase in volume.

Recipe for kefir pancakes without eggs


  • kefir - 300 ml
  • sugar - 1 tbsp.
  • salt
  • soda - 1 tsp.
  • flour - 250-260 gr.

Method of preparation:

1. First add the baking soda to the kefir and mix well.

Kefir dough for pancakes

2. Next, add sugar, but no more than 1 tbsp. because during frying, the pancakes will sour very quickly.

3. also add salt and flour. At the same time, add the flour gradually, stirring constantly so that there are no lumps. The finished batter should be thick as sour cream.

Fluffy pancakes

4. Add oil to a well heated frying pan, spoon out the batter and fry the pancakes on the sides until golden. Done!

Fried Fritters

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