Bean salad: how to prepare a healthy and easy dish

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Bean salad recipe. Source: Pexels

Beans are very filling and rich in protein,  which making them the perfect addition to soups, side dishes and salads. It is important to note that this type of legume goes well with all vegetables, eggs, and even chicken, so when cooking, you will not have any questions about what to add to the dish - anything in the fridge will do.

The recipe for a healthy bean salad was published on the marafon18_6 sports and healthy eating blog on Instagram.


  • boiled eggs - 2 pcs.
  • cucumbers - 100 g
  • chicken fillet - 80 g
  • canned white beans - 100 g


  • sour cream 15% - 40 g
  • salt, pepper, dry garlic
  • herbs

Method of preparation:

1. Pre-boil the chicken and eggs.

2. Cut the fillet, cucumber and eggs.

Vegetable salad with beans

3. Wash the beans.

4. Chop the greens for the dressing. Mix it with the rest of the ingredients.

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