"What do you call happy women with money? Widows!" Ukrainian comedian scandalized with a bad "joke"

Alina Mikhailova shamed the comedian for her clumsy "joke" about widows.

A loud scandal erupted on the Internet because of a clumsy "joke" by Ukrainian stand-up comedian Victoria Taran. On the air of the program "Alcomics" she allowed herself to speak about widows who are allegedly "rich and happy women". This "humor" was reacted to, in particular, by a well-known servicewoman Alina Mikhailova, who buried her beloved, an outstanding soldier Dmytro Kotsyubaylo (call sign "Da Vinci") in March last year.

The defender noted that such statements in the context of a full-scale war, when tens of thousands of women are losing their husbands, are simply inappropriate. The stand-up artist has already responded to the hate speech and recorded a video with an apology.

Thus, Taran asked her interlocutor on the air of a comedy show: "Do you know what they call happy women with money?" After a short pause, she gave the answer herself: "Widows". This episode was posted on the Stolychnyi Standup's Instagram page.

Mikhailova posted the relevant fragment on her InstaStories, commenting emotionally: "You and your chicks are dirt and rot that should be absolutely kenseled in society, and even before that, you are broken f*ckers. With your apologies, you can hold hands and go f*ck yourselves. But to the thousands of Ukrainian widows, orphaned children and mothers, you have spat in their faces today."

''What do you call happy women with money? Widows!'' Ukrainian comedian scandalized with a bad ''joke''

After the public outrage, the video with the "joke" was removed from the Stolichny Standup page, and the comedian hastened to apologize, assuring that she "did not mean to offend anyone."

Taran stated: "I definitely didn't mean to make fun of women who have lost their husbands. It was not about women who have warrior husbands. Girls, I am very sorry to you. The joke was unfortunate and in the realities of war it could not be published because it hurts the feelings of each of you. From now on, I will be more responsible for the material I write."

As OBOZ.UA previously reported, Kyiv-based TV host and comedian Oleh Grundik performed a stand-up in Lviv, where he made an unsuccessful "joke" about the dead soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He mentioned the monetary compensation to the families of the fallen Ukrainian heroes and compared it to Zelensky's "thousand" for vaccinations, which was allowed to be spent only in certain places.

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