"We can gather in liberated Yalta": the band " Antytila" is preparing for a concert in the Crimea. Photo

The band is confident in the liberation of the peninsula

Ukrainian band Antytila surprised and at the same time gladdened their fans with the news. The team announced a big concert in Yalta, which is scheduled for August 23, 2024 at the stadium "Avangard". The musicians have no doubt that by that time we will be able to return the Crimea, so they want to celebrate the historical event.

This was reported on the official page of the band on Facebook. The group members expressed confidence that we will be able to gather on the coast of Yalta, because the AFU will regain control of the Crimean steppes, Ayudag, Cape Fiolent, the Genoese fortress and the Swallow's Nest (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).

"Yes, you weren't imagining it. Antytila are announcing a concert in Crimea. In Ukrainian Crimea. From the first day of the Russian invasion, picking up arms and being on the front lines, we never doubted Ukraine's victory. Antibodies are sure that in the summer of 2024 we will all be able to gather in the liberated from the Russian occupants Ukrainian Yalta and decorate the whole South Coast of the Crimea with yellow and blue", reads the statement.


The celebrities noted - they will play the best songs that Ukrainians love and know. And also celebrate the Victory of our country. Fans reacted to the announcement of the concert and left their comments under the publication of Antytila.

"Oh, Taras, I used to believe you, God grant it to be so", "Let our Ukrainian dreams come true... God save every one of our defenders", "I have goosebumps. Thank you for your patriotism! We are looking forward to it! Crimea is Ukraine", "Wow! This is very powerful! We wait and believe in the VSU", "Thin good morning hasn't happened for a long time! Well done!", we read under the post.


Recently OBOZREVATEL wrote that Taras Topolia commented on the scandal with Secretary of State Inna Solodka,  who made a remix of the song "Fortetsya Bakhmut". The vocalist assured that he himself gave the phonogram to the official, but he did not know that the clip would be distributed in the network.

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