Wants to have a plan B: traitor Yolka helps the Armed Forces of Ukraine in case of return to Ukraine

Ivantsiv is resentful of Ukraine because she failed to become famous here

Ukrainian singer Yolka (real name: Elizaveta Ivantsiv), who has been building her career in Russia for more than 10 years, has been keeping silent about the war in her home country. However, it has become known that the singer is trying to sit on two chairs, so she is secretly donating to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. To do this, she uses complex schemes so that the Russian authorities do not suspect anything.

This was reported by a well-known Ukrainian blogger Bohdan Bespalov on his YouTube channel. According to an anonymous source, her good friends live in Uzhhorod (Yolka's hometown). She sends them large sums of money, which are subsequently split up and sent to the Ukrainian army (to watch the video, scroll to the end).

"Lisa has several friends in Uzhhorod - Serhiy and Viktoriia Denysenko. She sends money sometimes personally, more often through other people to her friends in Uzhhorod. These transfers are then split into smaller amounts and withdrawn through other people. After withdrawal, the funds are transferred to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The scheme itself is complicated, so that Moscow does not find a hint of help to the Motherland. This is done not out of patriotic motives, but in order to have a plan B," Bespalov commented on the situation.


Ivantsiv is preparing the ground for her return to Ukraine in advance, in case it becomes unprofitable for her to live in the Russian Federation. In this way, she will be able to return home and claim that she helped the Ukrainian armed forces. The artist wants to justify her silence by saying that she was threatened in Moscow and could suffer because of the truth.

"In the event of total darkness in Russia, Liza will be able to come to Ukraine and say that she was silent because she was threatened, but, in spite of everything, she helped the Ukrainian army," the blogger concluded. He emphasised that Elizaveta's friends are hiding their communication with her. And the vocalist herself wants to prove her nobility, but at the same time receive royalties in a country that is trying to destroy Ukraine.


OBOZREVATEL recently wrote that despite the full-scale invasion, Yolka continues to live in the Russian Federation and entertain the occupiers. She has built a three-storey mansion in Serhiyiv Posad and divorced her husband, Sergei Astakhov.

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