Sweden has won at Eurovision 2023: what is known about the winner and his song. Photos and video

On the night of May 13-14 in Liverpool, the winner of the 67th Eurovision Song Contest was decided. 26 countries fought for the crystal microphone in the grand final, but only one country was lucky enough to become the triumphant - or rather one, and it was Loreen from Sweden.

It became known to OBOZREVATEL while watching the live broadcast. The winner received 340 points from the professional jury and 243 points from the audience votes. In total, 583 points were won.

For the 39-year-old singer triumphing at Eurovision is a usual thing, she already won in 2012 with the song Euphoria, which still remains one of the biggest hits in the history of the competition.

This year she managed to repeat her triumph with the song Tattoo. This song, as Loreen herself told us, is a dark dance-pop track about how to keep love because of pain. And although the lyrics force the lovers to say goodbye, the singer herself says that this is not the end of their story.


Tattoo Song Translation:

I don't want to leave,

Baby, but we both know

♪ It's not time for us to say good-bye ♪

# It's time to say goodbye

¶ We'll see you again ¶

# Before it's over

¶ But the day will come ¶

When we'll find a solution for us.

♪ Violins play and angels weep ♪

# When the stars are aligned I'll be there

¶ I don't care about the others ¶

¶ 'Cause all I want is to be loved ¶

¶ and I only care about you ¶

♪ You're always with me like a tattoo ♪

I don't care if it hurts,

♪ I'll walk through the fire, through rain ♪

Just to be close to you,

You're in my memory like a tattoo.

I let my hair down,

Staying cold-blooded,

My heart is in your hands,

My friend, don't lose it,

It's the only one I've got.

The violins play and the angels weep,

When the stars come together I'll be there.


Loreen is the second person in the history of the contest to win it twice.

Recall, the song Tattoo has caused a heated discussion on the network because some Internet users accused her of plagiarism. They noticed that the Swedish contest song reminds a lot of a famous track from 18 years ago "In Captivity" by the Ukrainian singer Micki Newton.

Mika Newton herself reacted to the "theft" of the song. She assured me that she sees nothing bad in the similarity of the melodies, and she even wished Loreen to win the competition again.

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