Russian opposition leader Nevzorov responds to Russia's 'wrong turn': Sovok is an absolute abyss of evil

Alexander Nevzorov responded when Russia "took a wrong turn"

The well-known Russian journalist Alexander Nevzorov, who has been openly supporting Ukraine and harshly criticising the Putin regime since February 24, 2022, reflected on when Russia "took a wrong turn" and what the future holds for it. However, as for the second question, the oppositionist sees no future for his homeland, and all possible scenarios in his mind have a tragic ending for the terrorist country. The most painless of them, by the way, is the "liquidation of Russia as a state".

Nevzorov shared his opinion in an interview for the YouTube channel "Shall we talk?". He openly says that he considers the current Russian ideology to be fascism, which has in fact always been present in Russian society, culture and politics.

"Life in Russia now seems to me to be an incomprehensible perversion. How can you live in conditions of surveillance, arbitrariness, slavery. The need to constantly correct yourself. This is very harmful for representatives of our profession, because over time you get what is called 'an accent of submission... Russia has always been going the wrong way! Sovok is an absolute abyss of evil," the publicist said.


As for Russia's future, the journalist believes that it will face a "series of disasters" and eventually complete liquidation as a state. Nevzorov does not believe that any more positive or lenient outcome is possible for a terrorist country. He believes that his homeland will pay the price for all its "sins". Moreover, the oppositionist believes that the collapse of the Russian Federation would have happened even without a full-scale war, and that it has only accelerated this process.

"All outcomes for Russia are now tragic. The best of them is a quick and painless liquidation as a state. This is absolutely possible. General Samsonov, the commander of the Leningrad Military District, told me in 1990 that the liquidation of the USSR was impossible. Russia has no chance of continuing its historical existence. This had to happen at some point. If this fool (Putin - Ed.) hadn't started the war, perhaps it would have survived for a couple of decades in this state, perhaps it would have disintegrated quietly, peacefully, bloodlessly. But this fool got into the collider's control apparatus, began to press buttons like a monkey, the purpose of which he did not understand, and accelerated all these destructive processes," Nevzorov commented.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Nevzorov provided another proof that dictatorial President Vladimir Putin and his henchmen are copying the actions of Nazi Germany's Fuhrer Adolf Hitler. They are also introducing their "own" language in the occupied territories and erecting monuments, just as the Nazis once did.

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