Russell Crowe, Jilly Cooper and others: 5 celebrities who live in villages or small towns. Photo.

Russell Crowe has chosen a secluded farm

Not everyone likes living in a metropolis, where there is constant bustle, traffic jams and crime. Many people want to feel the peace and tranquillity that nature gives us. And after constant filming, touring and hustle and bustle, celebrities dream of a cosy house away from the big lights.

OBOZREVATEL will tell you which stars are tired of the frantic rhythm of the big city and found pleasure in a quiet, safe place. They did not regret their decision (to see the photos, scroll to the end).

Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe, a 59-year-old New Zealand actor and film director, decided that it would be more convenient for him to live in a small town. Now the actor spends most of his time on his farm in New South Wales, Australia. He enjoys nature, tranquillity and all the delights of country life. Only in 2019, his estate was damaged by forest fires, so he had to rebuild his home.


Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

One of the strongest couples in Hollywood, actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are raising their four daughters in the village of Pound Ridge, Westchester County, New York. The parents have taken their heirs away from the bustle of the city, crime and terrorist attacks. The artists try not to go out in public with the girls and rarely talk about them to the press.


Gilly Cooper

One of the most famous British writers of women's fiction lives in the small town of Beesley in Gloucestershire, England. Only five thousand people live here, and everyone knows each other. Cooper, 86, spends most of her day outdoors, meeting friends or simply enjoying the beautiful scenery.


Meryl Streep

American actress Meryl Streep has been living in Salisbury, Connecticut since 1975. The population density here is 3600 inhabitants. The celebrity and her husband have a huge mansion for which they paid two million dollars. There is a guest house, a lake, and a sheep farm on the territory.


Jamie Dornan

The British actor, best known for the film 50 Shades of Grey, Jamie Dornan is also one of the celebrities who live outside the city. He retired to a mansion located in the charming village of Chalford (England). Prior to that, the celebrity lived in Hollywood, in the Nichols Kenyon district. The man sold this unusual mid-century modern house for $3.2 million.


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