Millionaire's wife's outfit: 6 colours in clothes that will make the look expensive and sophisticated. Photo.

Chocolate is perfect for any season

To look expensive, you don't have to visit only branded stores and spend thousands of dollars on outfits. It's enough to choose things of a certain colour that will turn you into a femme fatale. You probably knew about some of them, but we added one unexpected tone to our selection.

OBOZREVATEL will not only tell you about the shades worn by rich ladies, but also explain what palette to combine them with. These formulas are quite easy to remember (to see the photo, scroll to the end of the page).


Beige is much more practical than white and looks expensive even on cheap fabrics. It suits everyone, regardless of age, skin tone and hair colour. Both monochrome options and bows in combination with a green, brown or dark grey palette will look gorgeous.



Noble brown will add status and elegance to your look. Try combining this colour with mustard, yellow and beige. Chocolate with fuchsia will look very stylish.


Navy blue

This is not a rich and bright blue, but a muted one, which is most often used for tailoring men's suits. Trench coats and jackets look spectacular in this colour. Since oversize is in fashion, borrow a blue jacket from your husband or friend to impress others with your taste.



Wine or burgundy is perfect for the cold season. This palette is versatile for outerwear, whether it's a coat or a puffer jacket. Just keep in mind that burgundy tones can age you and accentuate age-related facial changes.



Deep green, like beige, looks noble on any fabric. To create a "millionaire's wife" look, mix it with white, dark orange, mustard, and light brown. Give preference to gold jewellery, which will perfectly complete the look.


Amber orange

The amber-orange colour will be a breath of fresh air in your outfit. It will stand out and be pleasing to the eye. You can create a monochrome outfit or dilute it with contrasting items or accessories.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL showed 5 of the brightest and most original prints for summer 2023. The "landscape" and "aura" options will definitely not leave you indifferent. They are suitable for an event or date. They are suitable for an event or a date. To find out all the details - read our material.

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