Madonna tells for the first time that she spent two days in a coma: doctors thought I would not survive

Madonna spent two days in a coma

For the first time, the iconic American singer Madonna revealed that she spent 48 hours in a coma in June this year. This happened after the pop icon was found unconscious on the bathroom floor and hospitalized in intensive care with a bacterial infection.

During her recent concert in Brooklyn as part of her Celebration world tour, the 65-year-old star paused to thank the people who saved her and kept her alive. Her words were quoted in a CNN report.

"There are very important people in this room today who were with me in the hospital. There is one very important woman who brought me to the hospital. I do not even remember. I fainted on the bathroom floor and woke up in the intensive care unit. She saved my life," Madonna said.

At the same time, the artist added that doctors put her into an induced coma, in which she stayed for two days. As you know, an induced coma is an extreme measure that is resorted to only when doctors see no other way to protect the patient's body from irreversible brain changes that threaten his or her life.

Madonna tells for the first time that she spent two days in a coma: doctors thought I would not survive

"I didn't think I would survive, and neither did my doctors," the singer commented.

However, Madonna's six children, who also gathered together in the ward of the star mom when she was on the verge of death, became an incentive for her to recover as soon as possible.

We would like to remind you that at the end of June this year, Madonna lost consciousness and was hospitalized in New York due to a bacterial infection. However, some tabloids suggested that the cause could have been a drug overdose.

Later, details of Madonna's health became known. Insiders said that she was bedridden, experiencing constant nausea and weakness. They added that "the disease continues to destroy the body" of the singer.

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As OBOZ.UA wrote, according to the pop star, while lying in intensive care, she felt a connection with her deceased mother, who seemed to speak to her. Follow the link for details.

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