Lady Gaga, Katy Perry and other celebrities who are unrecognisable without make-up. Photo.

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Heidi Klum, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga with makeup.

Successful make-up is minimalistic; it emphasises natural beauty. It's worse when a person "draws" a new face: significantly changes the shape of the eyes, makes aggressive contouring and visually enlarges the lips.

There are many Hollywood stars who use cosmetics to change themselves beyond recognition. Their motives are clear: to become visible among millions of others who want to be in the spotlight. Read more about these beauties in the OBOZREVATEL article.

1. Lady Gaga (37 years old)

In her early career, American singer and actress Lady Gaga often shocked the public with her bright make-up and vulgar outfits. This helped her to rapidly gain worldwide fame, and she still holds her own today. With age, the celebrity began to wear less "make-up". She only occasionally walks the red carpet with dark shadows and eyeliner. Only her most loyal fans recognise her in photos without make-up.


2. Heidi Klum (50)

German top model, actress and TV presenter Heidi Klum looks 15 years younger at 50. All she needs to do is slightly accentuate her beauty. But make-up artists think differently. They significantly enlarge the eyes with make-up and emphasise the cheekbones with aggressive contouring. So, without make-up, Heidi is a completely different person.


3. Rita Ora (32 years old)

The English singer Rita Ora hardly ever lets her skin rest from cosmetics. She puts on make-up before her performances, going to the shops, or before playing sports. The latter is especially harmful to the skin. It can lead to acne and inflammation. The fact is that during physical activity, the skin secretes sweat and sebum more vigorously. At the same time, the remnants of make-up on the face clog the pores, preventing their removal. This does not seem to stop Rita Ora. Only occasionally did the paparazzi manage to "catch" a celebrity without make-up on their lenses.


4. Adele (35 years old)

English singer and songwriter Adele uses bold make-up for her stage looks. We are talking about a dramatic "cat eye" thanks to the arrows and lush eyelashes, rich lipstick in natural shades and cheekbones accentuated with blush. In real life, Adele hardly ever wears makeup. And for good reason. It makes her look younger than her real age.


5. Katy Perry (38 years old)

American singer and songwriter Katy Perry has always loved experimenting with looks. She emphasises her features with non-trivial outfits and bright make-up. Katy appears at almost every event with thick and lush eyelashes, long eyelashes or smoky eyes and rich lipstick. Without make-up, she is just as pretty, but harder to recognise.


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