"I'm in shock, I don't believe it." Ruslana wows the web with her appearance on her 50th birthday

Ruslana turns 50

On Wednesday, May 24, the famous Ukrainian singer Ruslana Lyzhychko celebrates her birthday. The artist is 50 years old. It's hard for fans to believe, because the celebrity looks much younger.

In honour of the anniversary, Ruslana addressed her fans by posting a video on social media. Internet users left enthusiastic comments about the star's appearance under it (to watch it, scroll to the bottom of the page).

In the video, Ruslana tells her fans: "Today is May 24, 2023. And today is my birthday... I'm... 50!"


When she says her age, the singer involuntarily starts laughing, as if she doesn't believe this figure herself. And there's nothing surprising here, because the incendiary artist hasn't changed at all since the release of her main hit "Wild Dances" - she still boasts an impeccable appearance.

However, Ruslana, as you can tell from her words, doesn't feel 50 years old inside either.

"But... I feel that I haven't even squared my shoulders... Nothing has started yet... Everything is ahead!" she wrote on Facebook.


The singer also announced that her new track "Lirnytsia" will be released soon. She stressed that she would reveal the meaning of the song's mysterious title, but for now, she invited users to listen to a short fragment of the song.

Meanwhile, fans showered the star with compliments. In the comments, they write: "50? I wish everyone looked like this at 50!", "What do you mean 50?", "Congratulations, but I'm in shock, 50", "No, what 50? 37 at most, you look very beautiful", "You look like a girl", "50? It can't be", "Incredible", "It's a lie, you're 35 at most".


Earlier, a scandal erupted around Ruslana. The singer, who was the first Ukrainian to win the Eurovision Song Contest, was not invited to perform at the 2023 contest, which was held in Liverpool on behalf of our country. The artist did not remain silent, she was supported by Ukrainian Euro fans.

Then the organisers assured her that Ruslana would appear in the final of the show with a "special mission". However, in the end, the singer was simply shown on video during the performance of the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest winner Duncan Lawrence from the Netherlands. This recording was without sound and lasted about 5 seconds. Fans were outraged and wrote about it openly on social media. Find out how Ruslana herself reacted in our article.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak hosted a reception at his official residence in London on the occasion of Eurovision 2023. Among others, Ruslana came to the event, and she set the place on fire at 10 Downing Street with her Wild Dances.

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