How to avoid fashion fiascoes for spring and summer: 5 things that have long been irrelevant

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Stylish mistakes that are best avoided.

The time has come when you can take out the off-season and summer clothes from the closet and create stylish images with them. But first check which of them are trendy and which are no longer relevant.

We tell you in the article OBOZREVATEL, which closet items you should get rid of so as not to look old-fashioned. You will learn what to replace them with.

1. Shirt with 3/4 sleeves

Clothing with 3/4 sleeves has become anti-trend in recent years. Such a cut not only cheapens the image, but also is uncomfortable in cooler times (you have to additionally insulate the open part of the arms). Instead, pay attention to a shirt or a loose cut blouse with long sleeves. This style will be relevant for a long time to come.


2. Sneakers on a wedge heel

This type of shoe was very popular 10-12 years ago. But definitely not today. Do you want to look a little taller and visually make your legs longer? Take current sneakers with thick solid soles: they give the same effect as the wedge heel, but will look more harmonious.


3. Skirt with a basque

This model in the 2010s was considered one of the most relevant. Fashionistas loved it for the fact that the basque, in their opinion, hid problem areas, correcting the silhouette. But every trend has its time: here and such a skirt quickly left the stylish ranks, giving way to "newcomers". Replace it with a classic straight cut of midi or midaxi length. You can choose any material: from light chiffon to leather.


4. Caps with decorations or strange inscriptions

Headwear with rhinestones, sequins, meaningless inscriptions or with a print in acid colors will make your outfit frivolous and inconsiderable. The hat must be minimalist. A successful option is without decorations and in pastel or any other monochrome palette.


5. T-shirt with shoulder pads 

A few years ago shoulder pads in T-shirts and tops were boldly breaking into trends. In 2023, they look old-fashioned (the exception is shoulder pads in jackets and coats). What to replace them with? With basic, loose-cut T-shirts made of thick, non-transparent fabric.


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