Grunge makeup is back in fashion: what makes it special and how to make the right accents. Photo.

Grunge make-up is popular again

Sloppy and gloomy grunge makeup, which was at its peak in the distant 90s, is back in fashion again. Inspired by brutal makeup, beauties experiment with trends and create updated variations.

Thus, the so-called "gentle grunge" is becoming increasingly popular. The editors of the British magazine Women's Health told about this with reference to experienced makeup artists (to see the photo, scroll to the bottom of the page).

Grunge makeup is easy to identify by smudged eyeliner or pencil on the eyes, matte skin and dark shades on the lips. In combination with several layers of black mascara and a pronounced smokey eye, this make-up look is loved by beauties all over the world.


However, makeup fashion is also constantly evolving, so the 90s version that was common in the 90s will not work in 2023. It has been replaced by "gentle grunge", which uses fewer colours on the face.

For example, smudged eyeliner combined with matte skin or dark lips with wide eyebrows will look stylish. The limited use of cosmetics in such a heavy make-up look will only benefit him.


To make grunge makeup, you should stock up on grey, black or brown eyeshadow, pencils and eyeliner. If you don't have professional skills, it's better to refrain from smokey eye, as it can be easily ruined.

An eyeliner or pencil smeared on the lower eyelid will completely cope with its task - to create an accent on the eyes. Mascara will also look appropriate in such a brutal make-up look.

The skin needs to be well moisturised and do not forget about the matte finish. It can be rice powder or foundation with a matte finish.


Lipstick should be applied as carelessly as possible, creating the effect of kissed or bitten lips. It is better to choose colours with a cold undertone and dark shades.

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