"Dull shoulder straps of power": "Kitchen" star crushes Russian propagandists in a new poem. Video

Dmitry Nazarov crushed propagandists in a new poem

The renowned Russian actor Dmitry Nazarov, who faced a boycott in Russia due to his public support for Ukraine and anti-war stance, dedicated his latest poem to Kremlin propagandists. Poetically, the actor, known for his role as chef Viktor Barinov in the TV series "Kitchen," criticized the Kremlin's mouthpieces for abandoning journalistic principles and becoming "mindless minions of the authorities."

Nazarov also scorned the propagandists who fabricate lies for the "yellow press," including false stories about him, and eagerly delve into "dirty laundry." A video of the actor reciting his poetry was shared on his YouTube channel.

Expressing his disappointment, Nazarov highlighted how the journalism profession in Russia has descended into the creation of shameful falsehoods.

"I remember a time in the splash of passion / Before myself and before God I was pure / A journalist was proud of his profession / Now he is a mindless henchman of the authorities / Yes, it was difficult in the age of the USSR / But there were bright minds / Who managed to shine out of the Soviet darkness / With a pen, like thunder from the stratosphere / Today we do not see such people / There are only the peasants, narrow temples / To wash the floors and wash socks / Illiterate six dumb pack / Deceitfully crawling into rivers / Of another's soul, looking for a crack / Peeking into anuses, into bed / And with their bone marrow, creating fakes," Nazarov read.

''Dull shoulder straps of power'': ''Kitchen'' star crushes Russian propagandists in a new poem. Video

The artist suggested implementing a "Pulitzer Oath," where aspiring journalists would pledge not to lie or compromise their principles.

"But there is no oath, and the pope didn't whip you / And honor slithered into your diapers like a worm / You are not a journalist in the least / You are a yellow lackey of the tsar's satrap / And you lack guts - just an outer shell / You can neither defend nor pilfer / You are the fifth, but not the authority / You believe you are the fifth point," the author succinctly concluded.

As a reminder, the actor publicly refused to endorse the war in Ukraine, following which he was dismissed from the theater, faced harassment, and a criminal case was initiated for "discrediting the Russian army."

OBOZ.UA also reported that Nazarov had previously penned another poem in which he confronted the "patriots" who urged his return. The star detailed how Russians attempted to coerce him into compromising himself and submitting to the authorities, betraying his principles.

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