Don't make any mistakes! This manicure looks ridiculous on short nails and "cheapens" the look. Photo

Some designs have a sloppy look
Some designs have a sloppy look

Many girls prefer short nails because they are comfortable and practical. However, you should know that not all shades and designs are suitable for this length.

Horizontal patterns or bright colours cheapen the look and look sloppy on your hands. OBOZREVATEL has shown what manicure should not be done on short nails.

  • French manicure
French is not suitable for short nails

Drawing a French manicure on short nails is a difficult task because the lines need to be drawn very narrowly. However, the result will not please you at all, as it will visually shorten the nail plate.

The French design is only suitable if the nail grows at least a little beyond the finger. Instead, you should choose a moon manicure or reverse French, which is now at the peak of popularity.

  • Horizontal patterns
The horizontal design has a comical look.

Manicures with graphics are in trend and some pictures look great on short nails. However, you should avoid any straight horizontal stripes.

They seem to "cut" the nail, giving the impression that the plate is not elongated in length but in width. The vertical design, on the contrary, lengthens the nail, so it is better to draw stripes from the beginning of the nail to the end.

  • Beige colour
A boring manicure is not suitable for short nails.

On very short nails, light shades can look unattractive because they tend to eat up space. In this case, the nails seem to merge with the fingers and look very small. Dark shades, on the other hand, look spectacular on short lengths.

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