Don't limit yourself to floral patterns: 5 of the brightest and most original prints for summer 2023

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Patterns that make the look sophisticated.

Summer is the time when you want to feel stylish and extraordinary. And what can help us do that better than trendy prints?

In 2023, five bright patterns will dominate the fashion Olympics. Read the OBOZREVATEL article to find out which ones.

1. Aura print

This is a pattern that resembles a human biofield. It is very similar to gradient colours, but has other abstract patterns. You can wear both bright colours and pastel colours. You will look spectacular in both.


2. Gradient

As we wrote above, this is a relative of the "aura". It began to lose popularity back in the 2010s, and now it's coming back into trends. The more contrasting the shades, the better: lemon and mint, purple and orange. But if these are too bold experiments for you, choose things with delicate colours.


3. Polka dot

An infantile, mischievous and romantic polka dot print is a favourite technique of designers in any season. It looks most impressive in classic black and white colours, but you can experiment with bright shades (pink, blue, red, etc.). Style it with a blazer, as well as sneakers or pumps.


4. Plaid

A checkered print in any form will be relevant: tartan, goosefoot, harlequin, vichy, Scottish, etc. But the palette matters. We advise you to pay attention to combinations in black and white or pastel shades.


5. Landscape print

Picturesque images with abstract content are incredibly popular in 2023. It can be a mountainous or wooded area, a valley or sea waves. Wear a dress, T-shirt, top or translucent long sleeve with basic underwear with this print and you will definitely be the centre of attention.


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