Dementia patient Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter gave birth to her first child: the birth took place at home. The first photo of the baby

Bruce Willis and Demi Moore's daughter gives birth to her first child

The eldest daughter of world-famous Hollywood actors Bruce Willis and Demi Moore has given birth to her first child. The baby of 34-year-old Rumer Willis and her boyfriend, musician Derek Richard Thomas, was born on April 18, but the new mother told her fans about it only now, showing off the first photo of the baby.

This is the first grandchild of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, so they have officially entered the status of celebrity grandparents. Rumer shared the photo and details of the baby's birth on her Instagram.

The parents decided to immediately reveal the child's gender and name. It's a girl, she was named Luetta Ailey Thomas Willis. Judging by the description to the baby's picture, the birth took place at home, not in a hospital.


"You are pure magic. You were born at home on Tuesday, April 18. You are more than we ever dreamed of," Rumer wrote on social media.


The star grandparents have not yet commented on the news publicly. However, Bruce, who is battling an incurable disease and is less and less likely to recognise his family, posted a picture of his granddaughter on his Instagram.

We would like to add that Rumer regularly shares photos with her mum and dad on her profile. She often posts archival footage from her childhood. The celebrity parents divorced in 2000 after 12 years of marriage, when their eldest of three daughters was 12. However, Willis and Moore now maintain warm friendships. In particular, the Ghost star supported her ex when he was diagnosed with dementia.


As OBOZREVATEL wrote, Bruce Willis has been suffering from an incurable disease - aphasia - for more than a year, but he recently received a verdict from doctors. The star has been diagnosed with the exact condition. At the same time, the condition of Bruce is rapidly deteriorating. He recognises his family less and less and does not always understand what they are saying to him.

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