Correct the waist and hide the belly: 5 stylish trousers that will make everyone feel confident

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Some women feel self-conscious about their bulging stomach. But if you use stylish tricks, you can disguise it: create the illusion of a flat and toned abs. For example, shirt dresses, wrap dresses, high-waisted dresses and A-line dresses can help to correct the figure. What about jeans and trousers?

Find out in the OBOZREVATEL article which models of trousers help to hide the stomach. With them, you will forget about discomfort.

1. Mom jeans

They stretch the silhouette, hide the belly and highlight the waist. Mom jeans go well with any clothes: long sleeves, loose-fitting T-shirts, tops, blouses, hoodies or sweaters. You can throw an oversized jacket on top.


2. Palazzo trousers

These are wide and long trousers that resemble a skirt. They make everyone look feminine and delicate. If you want to hide your stomach, choose models in one colour (without prints or decorations) and made of medium-density fabric. Style your palazzo with a cropped jacket, blouse or crop top.


3. Banana trousers

This style of trousers visually highlights the hip line and hides the stomach. Choose banana trousers that are not too loose-fitting so as not to add extra volume to your figure. They go well with an oversized blouse, as well as with asymmetrical or crop tops.


4. Slouchy jeans

This is a mix of Mom jeans and banana pants. Their high rise highlights the waistline and hides the belly. Also, slouchy jeans smoothly expand at the hips and taper downwards: this cut makes the silhouette more rounded. Wear them with any top, except for excessively voluminous items.


5. Straight trousers with arrows

Classic straight leg trousers with a high rise perfectly hide the sides and abdomen and elongate the silhouette. They are suitable for the office, for walks or romantic dates. We recommend wearing this model with high-heeled shoes (loafers, pumps, etc.).


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