Classics are always in fashion: the best manicure ideas that "refresh" and rejuvenate your hands. Photo

Nude and brown are always in fashion
Nude and brown are always in fashion

After a bright summer with orange and acidic shades, autumn will come with olive green, burgundy, and brown colours in manicure. A novelty in autumn trends is metallic varnishes reminiscent of the style of the 2000s.

Classics are in fashion, and this definitely applies to manicure. Do not go wrong if you choose a nude, khaki or muted red colour. OBOZREVATEL has collected classic nail designs that are always in trend.

Natural manicure is in fashion.

Regardless of changing trends, classic natural and milky manicure will continue to be fashionable. Girls are very fond of this style because it goes well with everything and does not require frequent updating. A nude manicure can be worn for up to four weeks because it is not noticeable how the nails grow back.

Khaki is a fashionable autumn shade.

Khaki colour rightfully belongs to autumn. A manicure in this shade will never be banal and boring, it will attract attention. The olive marsh colour is suitable for both short and long nails of various shapes.

A discreet French is at the peak of popularity.

The white French has long since become an anti-trend, replaced by a more relaxed design. The nail technicians paint the tips with a neutral colour in delicate beige shades that harmonise with the palette of light brown shades.

Brown is suitable for autumn wardrobe.

The undisputed leader of the last autumn seasons is brown in all its variety. The shade of milk chocolate looks expensive, which is in line with the "old-money" style.

The dark plum shade looks expensive.

The best option for women of all ages, shapes, and lengths of nails is a monochromatic coating in any shade of brown. Other rich colours, such as dark plum or coffee brown, are perfect for the autumn palette.

Chrome nails are back in trend.

Glowing nails with a chrome finish are a great idea for both summer and autumn manicures. A novelty in autumn trends is hybrid varnishes with a metallic matte effect in the style of the 2000s.

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