Almost all women make it: the main mistakes when shaving legs

Improper shaving can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

The summer season is upon us, and soon we will switch to light and open clothes. This means that many women will start shaving their legs regularly. However, this procedure can cause a lot of problems, such as cuts, ingrown hairs and skin irritation, if performed incorrectly.

OBOZREVATEL talks about common shaving mistakes. And how to avoid them.

Wrong cosmetics

Many women believe that they can save money on special shaving products and use ordinary soap or shower gel to shave their legs. In fact, foams, gels and other special cosmetics, unlike soap, do not dry the skin but moisturise it. This reduces the likelihood of cutting yourself and is less likely to cause irritation.


To get the best results for the whole day, women often shave their legs in the morning when they are in a hurry to get to work or school. But without the right preparation, you can get all the unwanted skin reactions. To minimise them, you need to stand in the shower for at least 10-15 minutes before removing hair. This will soften the skin and open the hair follicles. The quality of the shave can also be affected by the fact that the legs may swell a little at night. Therefore, shaving your legs in the evening is not such a bad idea.

Disposable machines

Inexpensive disposable razors dull quickly, so it's best not to use them as your main razor. They are convenient to take with you on the road. At home, it's better to keep a high-quality razor with replaceable blades. In addition, you should choose those options that have 4-5 blades - they shave better and irritate the skin less.

Old razor

Disposable razors and blade cassettes should be replaced after 5-10 uses. After such use, the blades become dull and start to perform poorly, leaving missed hairs and scratching the skin. Also, bacteria can develop on the blade, which can cause an infection if it gets into the cut. An indicator that it's time to replace the blades can be their colour. As soon as the metal tarnishes, the item needs to be replaced.

Storing a razor in the bathroom

High humidity and high temperatures are not the best conditions for storing blades. These conditions cause them to rust quickly. It also accelerates the growth of germs. Therefore, it is better to store razors in a cool, dry place.

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