Yuriy Butusov

Yuriy Butusov

Journalist and military expert
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Short biography

Yuri Yevgenievich Butusov is the editor-in-chief of the online publication Censor.net.

Brief biography

Yuri Butusov was born in Kiev, June 17, 1976.

Graduated from the T.G. Shevchenko National University in international law.

From 2000 till 2003 Yuriy Butusov worked for "Kievskie Vedomosti" as a journalist.

In 2003 Yuriy Butusov moved to "Zerkalo Nedeli".

In 2004 he founded the internet publication "Censor.Net".

He took an active part in the Revolution of Dignity, where he became one of the reporters who suffered from the security forces' actions.

In 2014-2016 he was one of the members of the government competition commissions that nominated candidates for the heads of the NABU and the National Agency for the detection, tracing and management of assets derived from corruption crimes.

Is Yuri Butusov a filmmaker?

Despite the rumors, Butusov has never been a filmmaker. However, he is directly related to the cinema thanks to two films:

  • "Orange Sky": In 2005 Yuri Butusov wrote the screenplay for this film about the Orange Revolution Maidan.

  • "Illusion of Fear": in 2008 Butusov was the producer of a film based on the acclaimed novel of the same name by Alexander Turchinov.


In his articles and articles Yuri Butusov discusses the most famous scandals happening in Ukraine: concerning corrupt deals at the "Ukroboronprom" company, concerning bribing of voters; he covers the problems of the pre-election process and candidates' programs, tells about the pros and cons of potential future presidents.

Butusov writes a huge number of articles and opinion pieces about the war in Donbas. From news and summaries from the front, to stories of individual soldiers and their fates, to scandals around shortages in arsenals and the lack of necessary equipment for the troops.

His series of essays on the events of the Revolution of Dignity were also very popular online. Yuri Butusov's retrospective reminded of facts long forgotten by both participants in the Revolution and its witnesses, as well as revealed information that had hitherto remained secret to the general public.

Social media activity

In addition to the blog onObozrevatel and on his own websiteCensor.Net, Yuri Butusov also maintains a page on the social network Facebook, which as of 2019 has gathered over 185 thousand subscribers and a Twitter account with 3.5 thousand readers.

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The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the occupant Kozlov, who ran a propaganda channel on Telegram. Photo

The Armed Forces of Ukraine eliminated the occupant Kozlov, who ran a propaganda channel on Telegram. Photo

He enjoyed demeaning and mocking Ukrainian soldiers in his public channel, and they put an end to his revelry